Editor, Index-Tribune:

Since I have gone through many years of watching Little League, Babe Ruth and high school sports, I have forced myself to write this letter in the hope that it will be of value to all who want to teach, coach and be a role model to our children. As coaches and role models, you have no right to humiliate our kids, you have no right to scream at them, you have no right to bench them, game after game, only to destroy their self-worth.

You have no right to take our young boys to Hooters just because you have no respect for women.

You have no right to spit chewing tobacco in the drinking faucets that our kids drink out of. You have no right to make a scene over silly things that have no value, in front of young, inquisitive minds that look up to you.

You have no right to think that, since you have tenure, you can make our young athletes feel like crap after a losing game. You have no right! Be the coach that is fair, who cares about the future of our children and who stands up for what is right.

It is only a game, losing is part of learning and becoming a better person and athlete.

After watching years of abuse, it is disgusting to me to see such behavior from grown men. My uncle coached high school varsity for more than 28 years, and he would turn in his grave to see such behavior.

These are our children! We pay hard-earned money for them to be in your care. You need to show a sense of dignity and instruction so these kids can grow up and possibly coach kids with the same positive manner.

You should not coach with intimidation and humiliation, and you have no right to subject our young minds to Hooters after a game – what the heck are you thinking? Or are you?

I have seen high school boys come off a field in tears over being ridiculed and humiliated. Many simply quit because the abuse is simply too much. You have no right to do this to our children.

Lilly Mcdonald