Editor, Index-Tribune:

In response to Richard Netherwood’s April 25 letter (“Recycle what?”), I would offer the Sonoma County Waste Management ?Recycling & Reuse Guide. Links being suspect, you will find the guide online at ?Sonoma County Waste Management. ?Select the “Recycling ? Guide” and download the pdf file.

On page 31 of the index there is a list of everything you asked about and more. For example:?“Clothing; see Textiles; Page 28; Top Right.”

I think the larger meaning of recycling is – as is the Recycling & Reuse Guide’s message – recycling generally means handle all waste, trash and/or materials you wish to dispose of in a manner appropriate for that waste, trash and/or materials. The online guide covers all the waste, trash and/or materials topics.

Hope it helps.

Chris Scott