Kittens are starting to show up at PLL

Hey Sonoma! How’s everyone doing on this “good” Friday! Well, we got our first kitten in and now we have five. So far, all are doing well. The one I am fostering, Trudy, was found on the bike path when she was just 3 days old.

She’s now opening her eyes and has a very healthy appetite. If you think you have kittens around where you live, please let us know. We know they are out there and we want to help them. It’s so critical for survival that they be rescued when they get separated from their mother.

The right nutrition is also important so a nursing mother can care for her brood. Bring us the mama with babies and we’ll take care of mom so she can take care of the babies. It’s the lap of luxury for feral moms and they don’t have to worry about leaving their babies to go find food.

The health and well-being of cats and dogs in need is what we are all about. Kittens are one of our more costly intakes. It takes $300 a kitten from 3 weeks old to 2 months/two pounds which is when they are usually ready for adoption (big enough for spay/neuter).

Last year, we took in more than 200 kittens under 3 weeks old. So feel free to donate to the cause if you are so inclined.

I had lunch with two lovely women last week, a mother and daughter who were thinking ahead to some estate planning. They were considering Pets Lifeline and asked if we were financially flush as they see we are always fundraising. I hear that every now and then and just for the record, sadly that is not the case. We are not funded by either the city or the county and are charged with raising all of our money through events, mailers and by generous donations from people like you.

We’d love one day to be financially abundant and will work toward that goal. In the meantime, we so appreciate all of you who come to our events and send in donations to help us continue to take care of the animals in need. If anyone ever has any questions about making Pets Lifeline part of their legacy, please feel free to contact me.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we are still looking for Bessie’s forever home. This beautiful black lab mix is such a total love bug with people. I adopted her son, Doc, and I wish he was as friendly with people as Bessie is. She loves kids and would be a great family dog as long as she’s the only animal in the house. Call me! I will tell you all about her.

We have a run on little and medium-sized dogs right now. Chelsea is a cute little chi/terrier puppy who almost looks like she has some corgie in her. Sheldon is an adorable min pin and his sidekick Travis is a fawn colored chi mix. Chip is a medium-size boston terrier-looking dog and Quincy is a sweet red terrier pup with a vibrant personality. We welcome you to visit. We will be open on Easter Sunday.

One other thing I wanted to let everyone know is how much Pets Lifeline is grateful to our neighbor Grant’s Granary and our other local pet supply stores, Sonoma Pet Center and Brocco’s. I did publicly come out and support Pet Food Express as a local business dedicated to giving back to shelter and rescues. I stand by that, but what I neglected to say was how much we value our local stores who have been supporters for years.

Paul at the Granary is an amazing guy and never hesitates to help us out when asked. You could not ask for a better neighbor and his warmth and wit is infectious.

Sonoma Pet Center is a great store and does remarkable work with rescue pups and also helps us with adoptions.

Brocco’s is part of the fabric of Sonoma and everyone knows the old red barn on Arnold Drive. I am hoping there is room for everyone. Please stop by these great local businesses and let them know how much you appreciate them as well.

Until we meet again ... peace, love and paws!