Sonoma Charter School has catapulted itself into the 21st century in recent weeks, thanks to some aggressive moves by new Director Kevin Kassebaum.

The school now has 60 Chromebook computers onsite and operational. The news came from Kassebaum in a letter to parents thanking them for their technology Fund-A-Need donations. “This is a step in the right direction, as our students have not had access to technology for the past three years,” he said. The school has two mobile carts that each hold 30 Chromebooks.

The school also welcomed a new staffer last month. Sonoma Valley High School graduate Eric Webber joined the SCS staff to teach a middle-school technology elective, provide IT support onsite and to work with the K-5 teachers to support further integration of technology in the classroom. Kassebaum explained that the focus of Webber’s class will be to ensure SCS students master the technology skills necessary for success at the high school level.

Finally, the school’s wireless network upgrade is also now complete and, according to Kassebaum, Sonoma Charter School now has one of the most powerful wireless networks in the Valley, capable of supporting up to 350 devices at one time.

The schools’ multipurpose room now has wireless Internet as well, which greatly expands the types of activities that SCS can offer there. Donors Gary and Marsha Nelson provided staff to assist SCS with the mapping of its current site technology infrastructure, along with recommendations for the best wireless network upgrade.

In other campus news, SCS will have several new buildings on campus next fall. The Sonoma Valley Unified School District announced plans to replace SCS’s main office, room 14 and the counseling trailers as part of a district-wide facilities upgrade plan. The current buildings will be replaced with permanent modular structures. Kassebaum expects the entire front entrance of the school “will look significantly different.”