Monument signs, changes to commercial buildings and continued review of historic preservation policy priorities will fill the Sonoma Design Review and Historic Preservation Commission agenda tonight, Tuesday, April 15.

The commission meets at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room at 177 First Street West.

New monument signs are proposed for Jolly Washer at 19249 Sonoma Highway and St. Francis Solano School at 342 W. Napa Street.

A sign program for Tips Tri-Tip trolley, to be stationed in front of Sorrento Imports and Cafe Scooteria at 455 W. Napa, will also be considered, along with new building colors for Pharmaca and new roof materials for Maxwell Village Shopping Center.

On a more colorful note, the commission will review a possible policy regarding decorative exterior lights on commercial buildings, especially those put up for holidays that still remain five months later.

Finally, the group will continue its prioritization of policies that will help them in their new role as a Certified Local Government reviewing body for projects affecting historic buildings.