After battling down the final three-game stretch of the Sonoma Valley Men’s Recreational Basketball’s Jack Benny (39-and-over) Sunday Night League’s 15-game schedule, La Salette and Heffernan Insurance Brokers ended up in a first-place tie with 11-4 records each and are the regular season co-champions.

By virtue of winning the tie-breaking season series two games to one, La Salette earned the top-seed, with Heffernan Insurance Brokers the second seed, for the Jack Benny league playoffs, which begin Sunday, April 13, and conclude two weeks later on Sunday, April 27, at the Altimira Middle School gym.

In Sunday’s opening round of the playoffs, second-seed Heffernan faces third-seed Murphy’s Irish Pub (8-7) at 6 p.m., followed at 7 p.m. by top-seed La Salette playing fourth-seed R&B Custom Builders (7-8).

The Builders got the final playoff spot with a tie-breaking 2-1 series edge over former playoff-champion Patt’s Copy World (7-8), which was followed in the final standings by VOM Fire (1-14).


In last Sunday’s 15th and final night of regular season games, Heffernan Insurance Brokers topped Murphy’s Irish Pub 62-54, led by Cody Sanderlin’s game-high 29 points, Joe Neely’s eight, Clem Moore’s seven, Pete Ahern six, Brian Stephenson and Kevin Jaggie’s five each, and Steve Matuszak’s two. Pacing the Pub were Jeff Kellogg’s 20 points, Beni Comma’s 15 with three treys, Jaime Svanda and Steve Ball’s six apiece, Eric Jorgensen’s three, and Rich Tunheim and Danny Sooter’s two each.

Patt’s Copy World trimmed R&B Custom Builders 47-44, led by Luis Campos’ game-high 15 points, Jeremy Lawson’s 11, Dave Studdert’s eight, Scott Summers’ seven and Mark Fidler’s six. The Builders were paced by Al Martinson’s 14 points with four treys, Ron Hall’s 10, Danny Dwyer’s eight, Chris Schnabel’s six, Kevin Schnabel’s four and Ron Luddy’s two.

La Salette won on a forfeit by VOM Fire.


On March 30, La Salette upended Patt’s Copy World 75-55, led by Don Fowler’s game-high 28 points, Marc Traverso’s 19, Aaron Locks’ nine on three treys, Mike Kellison’s nine, Kim Batchelder’s eight and Mike Glasbrenner’s two. Pacing Patt’s were Studdert’s 21 points, Fidler’s 15 on five treys, Jeremy Lawson’s 11 and Summers’ eight.

Murphy’s Irish Pub doused VOM Fire 75-50, led by Svanda’s 22 points with four treys, Comma’s 20 with four treys, Tunheim’s 11, Kellogg’s seven, four apiece by Sooter, John Malinkowski and Steve Mellinger, and Jorgensen’s three. VOM was paced by Pat Dudy’s game-high 24 points with six treys, Chris Ratto’s 19 and Joe Kirkwood’s seven.

Heffernan Insurance Brokers nipped R&B Custom Builders 52-51, led by Neely’s game-high 17 points with three treys, Moore’s 12, Jaggie’s nine, and Ahern and Matuszak’s seven each. Pacing R&B were Chris Schnabel’s 14 points, Chris Nufo’s 13 with three treys, Martinson and Hall’s eight apiece, 14 points with four treys, Ron Hall’s 10, Danny Dwyer’s eight, six, and Kevin Schnabel and Vic Ganz’s four each.