I’m bracing myself for going from being the eighth-grade student body president at St. Francis, being a big fish in a small tank, to the idea of starting on the bottom again, being a little fish in the ocean. Fortunately, I’m not all that worried, comforted by the thought of where I’ll be swimming.

I talk about Sonoma Valley High School positively, proudly and with a 100 percent confidence. Having grown up in this wonderful town, I have been watching Dragon sports my entire life. Being the fourth sister, I have seen many great success stories come out of SVHS. My three sisters, who all attended Sonoma High (all coming from St. Francis) have excelled. My oldest sister is completing her last year of graduate school, another sister has recently graduated from a UC and is working in San Francisco for Salesforce.com and my sister who is a sophomore is doing exceptionally well academically, athletically and socially.

My parents encouraged me to evaluate all of my high school options so I shadowed various schools. Those schools are great but I know that Sonoma is definitely the right choice for me. When I shadowed, I was compelled by the engaging teachers and loved the community atmosphere with the freshman teams. I saw familiar faces in every class and I was intrigued by the unique electives (Wow! State-of-the art video and photography classrooms and labs). I can’t wait to find out more about the Engineering Pathways program.

I know that my high school schedule will be rigorous with advanced classes, playing multiple sports and participating in clubs and I am thankful that I will not be commuting out of town for school. Many people are nervous for high school but I am immensely excited about the coming year. I have been a leader for nine years and I don’t plan for that to end in high school. I look forward to embarking on a fantastic journey the next four years.

Go Dragons!