Longtime volunteer, Don Stevens, will discuss “Tree Rings: A Link to the Past” at 2 p.m. Friday, April 11, at Depot Park Museum. 

Stevens offers a fascinating insight based on his years of employment at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona, working with Professor Harold Fritts, a pioneer in using tree-ring data to study past climate. Stevens spent 3-1/2-years working there, writing computer programs for data analysis, developing an interactive computer database of information about the laboratory’s collection of core samples and a program for student use simulating a simple model of climatic effects on tree growth. 

His background includes a major in meteorology and climatology at the University of Washington, and years of service in the Air Force, including a time in London in the Air Force European Office of Aerospace Research.

The meeting will be held at Depot Park Museum, located one block north of the Sonoma Plaza. Admission is free. 

For additional information, call 938-1762.