Sheriff’s deputies Monday arrested a woman with residences in both Sonoma and Los Gatos on charges of financial elder abuse.

According to a release from Sgt. Mike Raasch, with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Property Crimes Unit, Christina Marie Pruitt, 57, had been wanted by the Daly City Police Department for about a year.

Monday, a neighbor in the 100 block of La Mancha Way, reported seeing Pruitt at the condo and called the Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived at Pruitt’s condo at around 6:30 p.m., they found her car in the driveway. They went to Pruitt’s condo and heard the TV on. Deputies tried to make contact, but she refused to open the door. Pruitt ended up turning off the TV and refused to answer the door. Detectives had to obtain another arrest warrant for Pruitt, because the arrest warrant did not have Pruitt’s condominium address listed on the warrant.

Once the arrest warrant was issued, deputies entered Pruitt’s unlocked residence and found her hiding in her bedroom.

The arrest stems from March 2013, when the Daly City Police Department obtained a felony arrest warrant for Pruitt for a financial elder abuse case that one of its detectives had investigated. The Daly City police did not know Pruitt’s whereabouts until September 2013 when police learned that Pruitt was living at a condominium on La Mancha Way in Sonoma. The Sonoma County Property Crimes Detectives were asked to attempt to arrest Pruitt in September of 2013.

Detectives went to Pruitt’s condominium several times and she was never home. Neighbors told detectives they had not see Pruitt for a long time. Detectives believe Pruitt went into hiding because she knew she was wanted. Neighbors were instructed to call the Sheriff’s Office if they saw Pruitt.

Pruitt was arrested for her outstanding felony arrest warrant. She was booked at the Sonoma County jail and her bail was set at $50,000. The Daly City Police Department was notified of Pruitt’s arrest.