The Valley’s Adele Harrison and Altimira middle schools’ wrestling teams made strong showings in Saturday’s, March 15, North Valley League championship finals without one of their top grapplers, who happened to be battling at the 46th annual Junior High State Championships in Loomis.

After wrestling in a series of high-level weekend youth tourneys up and down the state and turning in a string of standout mat efforts, Altimira seventh-grader Tyler Winslow qualified for the challenging junior high Tournament of Champions and earned himself a prestigious state championship medal.

As the only seventh-grader to reach the medal stand, Winslow posted a 4-2 record, which included three overtime matches, and in the 32-boy bracket at 116 pounds, he claimed the sixth-place medal.

Back in Sonoma County, Winslow’s fellow grapplers from Altimira and Adele were busy facing foes from the other NVL schools, with three Valley boys achieving first-place finishes.

Winning NVL weight-class titles for Adele were eighth-grader Tino Battaglini and seventh-grader Ryan Sherwood, while seventh-grader Andrew Beatty captured an Altimira title.

Altimira was also paced with second-place finishes by seventh-grader James Greenslade and sixth-grader Hank Schoeningh; third place by eighth-graders William Easton and Dean Dunham, and seventh-grader Ryan Ball; and seventh-grader Jackson Barbagelota’s fourth, and eighth-grader Gideon Scott.

Also pacing Adele with third-place finishes were eighth-graders Macklyn Liss and Gianni Palacio, and sixth-grader Clayton Kiser; eighth-grader Kole Morgan’s fourth; and eighth-graders Dominic Chiotti, Josef Marenec and Timmy O'Sullivan.

Both Sonoma’s Winslow and Sherwood will be competing in April’s prestigious Reno Nationals.