The gargantuan recall of meat from Petaluma slaughterhouse Rancho Feeding Corp. has snared major retailers such as Hot Pockets and Jack in the Box.

And now, on a much smaller scale, it has even affected Sonoma’s own Krave Jerky.

According to company founder Jon Sebastiani, the fallout for Krave was “very minor,” affecting 1,000 cases of one flavor packaged on a single day in September 2013.

On that day, he said, “One of our co-packers in Salt Lake City had inadvertently and also unknowingly bought from the Rancho beef” while packaging Krave’s garlic chili pepper beef jerky.

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture continues its investigation into Rancho, tracing the many paths taken by 8.7-million pounds of recalled meat, it noticed the Krave connection and notified the company two weeks ago, Sebastiani said.

No illnesses have been reported due to any foods associated with the recall.

“I think it goes without saying how seriously we take this and food safety in general,” Sebastiani said, adding that the incident had the benefit of demonstrating how effective Krave’s food tracking system is.

He said each case of Krave jerky contains eight bags. The company produces about 150,000 cases a month, and sold approximately a million cases in 2013.

The recalled garlic chili flavor was distributed nationwide and is stamped “EST 18951.”

Anyone who has purchased such a bag can return it for a refund. Krave customers wishing to find out more can contact the company at 877-268-1150.

Rancho closed its doors in February following a multi-pronged federal investigation and allegations that company owners processed diseased meat while circumventing the inspection process. All of the meat the company processed in 2013 was recalled, from high-quality pasture-fed beef to leftover cow parts.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Rancho’s plant manager has claimed that much of the meat from carcasses ended up in hamburgers sold by Jack in the Box and other fast food giants.

Walmart frozen hamburgers and certain flavors of Hot Pockets also were implicated in the recall.