A diverse menu of items will fill the plate of Sonoma Planning Commissioners Thursday, starting with a review of a use permit for TIPS Tri-Tips, a mobile food trolley at 455 W. Napa, where Sorrento Imports and Cafe Scooteria are located.

Staff is recommending limited approval with strict conditions and a review after six months.

The food operation, which is at the entrance to the Safeway parking lot, will be open in the evening, after the coffee service and retail store closes.

It will have its own parking and will not encroach on the grocery store, but both businesses will still have a shared driveway off West Napa Street, which is sometimes problematic for those patronizing existing businesses.

Also on the agenda is the conversion of three former residences to vacation rentals. The buildings, which until recently comprised the offices of the Sonoma Sun and KSVY radio station, have consistently been used as offices and are located in a commercial zone at 158, 164 and 172 W. Napa St. The Sun has moved to an office on Broadway, and the station has moved, or is moving, to a new location further west on Napa.

Formally owned by Bill Hammett, founder of both the Sun and KSVY, the properties were sold in foreclosure to new owner Michael Marino, who hopes to eventually add units to create a new type of lodging facility. Although the structures are considered historic buildings, a report was provided that states they have been compromised by years of remodels and would no longer qualify for the National Register.

Rounding out the Planning Commission agenda is an update of the City of Sonoma Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, along with two room addition requests and a fence height exception.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 13, in the Community Meeting Room, 177 First St. W.