Who can deny those big brown eyes?

Bessie, a 3-1/2-year-old female black lab mix, has been at Pets Lifeline for more than a year now, and staff at the shelter are making it a priority to find her a “forever home.”

“We are finding out more and more about her all the time,” said Nancy King, executive director of Pets Lifeline. “We have a wonderful foster couple who take her for a few nights at a time. This is incredibly valuable as we learn that she totally calms down in a home environment.”

According to King, Bessie loves people and would make a wonderful pet – with the caveat that she is testy around other animals, including other dogs.

Still, “She is OK with a very laid-back male dog,” King says. “That opens up the possibilities a bit more for a potential adoptive family.”

But otherwise, say shelter volunteers, a one-pet-only household is best. Bessie also suffers from separation anxiety, so is best in a home where the owners are around.

“This girl will absolutely melt your heart,” King says.

Pets Lifeline is located at 19686 Eighth St. E., Sonoma. For more information, call 996-4577 or visit petslifeline.org.