A documentary about Glen Ellen resident and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause’s exploration into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge several years ago, will be previewed at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 11, at Murphy’s Irish Pub, 464 First St. E.

The film, currently in production, explores Soundscape Ecology, a new field of study developed to assess the health of the world’s most rare and fragile ecosystems. This half-hour documentary about the first expedition of the Arctic Soundscape Project, shows Krause recording nature sounds in a remote, unspoiled region in northeastern Alaska where his team captured the song of the waters, the music of the hills and the calls and cries of the wildlife.

Area independent filmmakers are launching a campaign to fund the completion of the documentary using footage and interviews shot for the Arctic Soundscape Project.  Bernie Krause will be a special guest.

For more information, email smost@earthlink.net.