PLL has three Finnish Lapphunds; cat population falls

Greetings Sonoma! Doc and I are loving the rain we’ve been getting. Last weekend we took a long hike in the rain and it was so much fun to watch him run and splash in the puddles and mud. He was 90 pounds of wetness, mud and sheer happiness, and cleaning him up to go back in the house was a small price to pay.

His mom, Bessie, is still here, folks, and she really needs her forever home. We are finding out more and more about her all the time. We have a wonderful foster couple who take her for a few nights at a time. This is incredibly valuable as we learn that she totally calms down in a home environment. She is such a sweet dog and loves, Loves, LOVES people. We thought she could not be in a home with other dogs, but we’ve discovered with a dog/dog meet, that she is OK with a very laid-back male dog. That opens up the possibilities a bit more for a potential adoptive family.

We still have three of the four Finnish Lapphunds here and they are all coming out of their respective shells. The poor things were kept in absolutely squalid conditions when they were rescued by Sonoma Humane at the end of January. We have Wiley, the chocolate brown boy; Mikko, a cream colored male with butter colored ears and Kissa, a sable colored female. According to the Finnish Lapphund Club of America, the Finnish Lapphund, originally from the Arctic north of Sweden, Norway and Finland known as Lapland, are still used by farmers to herd reindeer. They were first brought to the United States in 1987 and are in the Foundation Stock Service of the American Kennel Club and now have full recognition.

They are loving and devoted family pets who do well with children, other dogs and, when properly socialized, with cats. They are social dogs and prefer to be an integral part of the family and not an “outdoor only” dog. Being herding dogs, they excel at obedience, agility and other dog sports and their even temperament make them great candidates as therapy dogs.

We have some other sweet dogs here as well. Bodie (in honor of Bodie Miller), a black cocker spaniel who came in as a stray, was flea ridden, horribly matted and very extremely thin. Thank goodness Pets Lifeline is here or I fear what would have happened to him. He is now a thriving cute, sweet guy who looks great with his new shaved coiff. Scout is an adorable beagley/chihuahua male pup who is about 4 months old. Bella is white malti-poo who could fit in your purse. Please come visit our dogs and see if any of them are just what you’ve been looking for. Or if you are just what they have been looking for. I am thoroughly convinced the animals find us and we have very little to do with it. They just let us think we do.

We are at our all time low for cats in the shelter right now with only 27 here and one in foster. Last year at this time, we had 41 cats. Our intake numbers are down by 10 percent in cats from last year and it makes me think that, just maybe, our spay/neuter programs are working. Our goal is to eliminate our own jobs and have no homeless or abandoned animals. I think we still have a little job security, but it is a comfort to know our efforts are making a difference.

Ladies, don’t forget to go through your closets for those new or next to new designer purses you used once and then just couldn’t make work again. We need your purses for Tailwags and Handbags which is May 2 at Buena Vista Winery. Tickets go on sale on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Call your friends, wake the neighbors. This is a can’t miss event. Until then, ciao for now.

Peace, love and paws!