Tasting room trauma?

We know an eight-year-old who is subject to a variety of fears, some of them realistic, others irrational, but all nonetheless real.

Her parents, as most parents would, try to address the rational fears with calm facts, reassurance and appropriate words of caution.

The irrational fears, involving inchoate suspicions of creatures under the bed or monsters in the closet, are harder to resolve and sometimes must simply be outgrown.

But those fears, too, must be addressed, because to ignore them, some experts would say, is to drive them deeper into the subconscious where they fester into nightmares, further from understanding and resolution.

Pardon, if you will, this clumsy attempt at child psychology, but it comes to mind in the wake of Monday night’s joint study session, conducted by the City Council and the Sonoma Planning Commission, on the topic of tasting rooms.

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