Editor, Index-Tribune:

I have to agree with Cat Petru’s Feb. 11 letter to the editor, “What is happening to our town?”

Do we need a Pet Food Express when we already have Broccos, the Granary, the wonderful little pet store down from Whole Foods? Oh wait, Sonoma Market, Whole Foods, Lucky’s, CVS and Rite Aide all sell pet supplies. And then there are all the veterinary offices in town that sell pet supplies. And don’t forget all the smaller dog and cat businesses in town that offer bathing, etc.

We saw what happened to the smaller businesses when Staples came to town. Is this what we want to happen again? I am very sad to see Body and Soul closing so that we can have another pet supply store.

You are so correct, Cat – what is happening to our town? Where are the voices? And why weren’t we told about Pet Food Express? Do we really need another pet food establishment in town?

How many businesses do we want to see close due to another chain store?

Denise Sobel

Diamond A