Editor, Index-Tribune:

I could hardly believe what I was reading.  Local newspaper editor David Bolling writing about his carrying on dangerous stunts.  Not just once, but on a regular basis, per his Feb. 10 editorial, “High water observations.”

I’m sure kayaking on Sonoma Creek while in flood stage gives a big thrill, but at great risk.  Did you know that on the same day, the Santa Rosa Fire Department had a large-scale rescue of rafters on Santa Rosa Creek?  It’s not such a thrill when you’re stuck on a recently-fallen willow acting as a strainer across the creek, or sucked under a bridge full to the deck.

As a volunteer firefighter for more than 40 years, I’m always amazed at people continually taking risks simply because they haven’t been caught yet. Then your local firefighters have to risk their own safety in a rescue attempt.

Mr. Bolling does caution readers this is not for the inexperienced. But who doesn’t ever believe they are stronger, with quicker reflexes, and able to handle the situation? I don’t think a newspaper should advertise such irresponsible action, by the experienced or the novice.

Take the advice of Press Democrat columnist Chris Smith’s entry on Feb. 13.  Regard it as you would a great snake that might grab you should you venture too close.

Norm Yenni