The Sonoma Design Review and Historic Preservation Commission will review the city’s Certified Local Government designation and how it relates to the Municipal Code when it meets tonight.

A request for demolition of historic properties at 800 W. Spain Street will put its new knowledge to the test. The buildings, known as the Hatchery, are in disrepair and the owner hopes to remove them and build housing on the site. The request covers a residence, water tower, garage and hatchery buildings, all designated as historic buildings.

The commission has been criticized recently for its approval of a pink door for Grandma Linda’s Ice Cream, located in a historic building on the Plaza. The appeal will be heard by the City Council on March 3.

Also on the agenda will be a request for paint color change for the General’s Daughter at 400 W. Spain and sign approvals for Patt’s Copy World at its new location at 677 First St. W., and for Coffee and Coco, another proposed coffee cart to be located on the grounds of the 76 Station on West Napa.

Rounding out the evening is consideration of design review for three residential units to be constructed on a mixed use property at 830 Broadway.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Meeting Room, 177 First St. W.