Editor, Index-Tribune:

I rarely agree with Bill Lynch, but his tribute to Peg McAleese and Jerry Casson et al. was fitting and needed (Bill’s Musings, Feb. 14). It is (was) these women, and others in the community, who represent the true heart of Sonoma.

I’d add to the list Sue Weeks and Susan Hollman of Meals on Wheels, and Carol and Hunt Sharp of FISH, and the many others who have constantly and continuously given to the community without any fanfare or acknowledgment.

In its zeal to throw around awards and honorariums, the Index-Tribune has too often overlooked those who have served Sonoma for no other reason than that they have great hearts and they care about others. In my estimation, this is the meaning of community, and not the self-serving rhetoric that pays lip service to that word with no semblance of sacrifice to back it up.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs