Editor, Index-Tribune:

Tuesday night there was a hit-and-run on Spain and Second Street West at about 8 p.m.

Granted, it was just a dog, but he was someone’s pet and was left in the road to get smashed by the next car. He was a small Chihuahua mix of brown and white color, and had been well cared for. He had no collar, but he was young and healthy. My condolences to whomever he belonged to.

I came upon him and moved him from the roadway to keep him intact, hoping he was microchipped. I then took him to the Police Department and a very nice young officer, Steve Lucchetti, helped me.

I just want to say how incensed I am that whoever hit him did not have the sensitivity to move him – they just left him in the street. Having little dogs at home, I know how frightened they can be when away from their environment, and I chastise whoever hit and killed him. His family was probably worried sick. Hopefully he was “chipped” and Animal Control can find his owners and notify them.

Susan Lewis Scarbrough