Editor, Index-Tribune:

Recently, we sent the following letter to the Sonoma City Council:

Dear Council members, this letter is sent to you in regards to our local ice cream business at 408 First St. E.

In late October, we disenfranchised and changed our name to Grandma Linda’s Ice Cream Shop. We are excited about the change and our creation of our own image, and we are excited to be able to continue serving the locals and visitors to Sonoma. We feel fortunate to have been raised in this town and to have raised our three children here as well.

In December, we presented the exterior colors for our door, window trim and awning to the Design Review and Historic Preservation Commission (DR). It was a thoughtful discussion/review between us and the commission, and in the end we all agreed with the illustration we presented. We left this meeting feeling like it was productive and fair; important items were addressed regarding our historical location and our choices for color and design as an ice cream business.

We would like to invite you to come see our business so we can show you our progress and our plans. The shop is named after my husband’s mother, who passed away too young with ALS. She was the most wonderful grandma to our kids. The ice cream shop will be in memory of her and a celebration of all grandmas.

The ice cream we will be serving is made by Umpqua, something we all enjoyed as a family during our vacations on the coast of Oregon. The colors we picked were Grandma Linda’s favorite colors.

Our exterior colors will be on the agenda of the March 3 City Council meeting. We hope you will be in favor of letting us keep our exterior signs and colors. Please note the Design Review Committee was very thorough in discussing our historical location and the need to preserve same.

Also in the illustration of our business exterior there are two exterior signs that DR approved, although, due to a technicality of public notice, they did not have the authority to do so at the December DR meeting.

Our signs can be approved by City Council at the March 3 council meeting.

Dawn (and Troy) Marmaduke