With the controversial (for many reasons) Winter Olympics now underway, I’m all for the world-class athletes and follow their pure competitive joy and sadness like I always do when the games begin.

I’m a lifelong athlete who loves and supports sports of all kinds and totally understand the true feeling of competing.

But selfish, power-hungry people and their politics still ruin one of the oldest celebrations of athletes and sports without fostering the humantarian spirit and respect for everyone’s freedoms.

So, when the International Olympic Committee picks a country to host the “games,” it should pick a country with a platform of humantarianism and protecting every living person’s right to freedom. One that takes care of its citizens and the needs of its societies rather than put on a spectacle to impress all the world’s powerful nations.

There’s been so much made of what Russia’s government has done with these Winter Olympics – mainly spend, so far, the most billions of dollars ever on the Olympics for the gain of the country’s leader and his ultra-rich-and-now-richer cronies at the sake of the Russian people, who will be left without what they need to live at least decently.

Oh, they will have an excellent resort after the Olympics.

But, enough said about what will be lamented in everyday life by most of the Russian people in the wake of these Winter Olympics.

Let’s get back to the athletes and the families and neighbors in their countries who they truly represent with pride.

For now, I’m totally into the athletic humanitarianism of the Olympics and the thrills and good feelings they bring to everyone who truly support the competitive spirit and the sharing of both the pleasure and pain of success and reaching one’s goal.

Cheers to the athletes and jeers to the IOC’s blind eye to the the humantarian corruption of some of the world’s nations, which means, at this moment, Russia and its suppressive nature.

Freedom is not a game, it’s a reality.