Kenneth Donald Hutchins, the 65-year-old Sonoma resident convicted in December of repeatedly sexually molesting his 8-year-old grandniece while helping her mother with childcare, and of possessing child pornography, was sentenced Thursday to what will likely amount to life in prison.

Hutchins was arrested on the morning of January 16, 2013, after the then 8-year-old victim told her 14-year-old brother that Hutchins had sexually molested her. When Sheriff’s detectives executed a search warrant, they found videos of child pornography in an end table in the man’s living room. During the trial, the victim testified to several acts of molestation by Hutchins, who persistently denied the charges and reportedly shaved off all his body hair to deprive investigating officers of hair samples.

He was ultimately convicted on four counts of sexual molestation.

The sentence handed down by Superior Court Judge Dana Simonds was consecutive terms of eight years, eight months, and 55-years-to-life.

Following the verdict, District Attorney Jill Ravitch issued a press release stating, “This child molester preyed on his young, vulnerable grandniece in the most detestable way. The sentence should preserve public safety by preventing his access to other children, and we hope it brings this courageous child some peace and assists in her healing.”

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Barbara Nanney, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Robert DeMiguel. Detective Scott Singleton, of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, headed the investigation.