Prestwood Elementary School has chosen fifth-graders Charlotte Skorlich and Elsa Winter as its Students of the Year.

Charlotte Skorlich was selected for this honor because of the amazing attitude, humility and heart that she has brought to Prestwood since she began at the school in kindergarten. According to her teachers, “she has warmed her classrooms and our school with her authentic loving heart and kindness.” She is described as having the very kindest demeanor and as being well liked by both teachers and her peers. She is eager to help her classmates and she displays an infectious love of learning. Inside the classroom, Skorlich is an excellent student and participates in the district’s Gifted and Talented program. Outside of school, she enjoys her family and friends and loves to paint outdoors.

Elsa Winter was chosen at Prestwood’s Student of the Year in large part because of her exceptional leadership qualities. Ever since kindergarten, Winter has demonstrated her leadership and set a strong example of academic excellence for her peers. She consistently produces first-rate work that is on-time, neat and of high quality. She comes to school with energy and a positive attitude, and she is eager to help her peers with difficult or complex topics. She is also known for being respectful and upbeat. She was elected co-president of Prestwood’s Student Council and she is active planning and organizing special events for the school. Outside of school, Winter loves to cook, climb trees and ride her bike and she also enjoys painting, sculpture and drawing.

Congratulations to these hard-working and inspiring young students on this honor and to their families and teachers for encouraging their academic and personal success.

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This article is the fifth in a series that profile each Student of the Year honored in Sonoma.