Editor, Index-Tribune:

How sad and ironic that Susan Gorin’s 1st District Supervisor campaign sponsorship levels were named after trees. It is unfair and untrue to defend the removal of more than 50 trees, including 20 oaks and eucalyptus, along an already blighted corridor for the “safety of our children and families.” We all want that, but we need to preserve our ecosystem too.

With a bit of creativity, flexibility, intelligence and patience, I believe the project can move forward, with trees preserved. Come on, Susan Gorin, do what you were elected to do – serve our community. Our children and families deserve a healthy ecosystem and safety. In fact, without a healthy ecosystem, there is no safety.

Please work to put a stop to the project until the community is well informed and a better plan is developed. This project will be part of your legacy, like it or not. But more important to the rest of us, it will affect our community for better or worse for generations to come.

Nancy Noleen