Super Seattle joins 49ers in championship routs of Denver

First of all, give the Seattle Seahawks the credit they deserve for being the new Super Bowl champions because they are this year’s best NFL team, and if you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan and that fact bothers you, get over it.

Before the season began, many in the sports media felt that the NFC title, and possibly, the NFL crown, would come down to the winner of a Seattle versus San Francisco showdown. That’s exactly the scenario that unfolded, with the Seahawks making the bigger plays to win, which they did again in Sunday’s New York-New Jersey-based Super Bowl.

While watching the Seattle Seahawks thoroughly dominate the Denver Broncos from the opening play – a safety on a communication breakdown and bad hike into the end zone, which was a Super Bowl first – to the final whistle, I had the feeling at halftime that I’ve seen, with personal interest, this kind of rout before. Oh, yes, the final score was Seattle 43, Denver 8 (yow, that’s a beating).

Of course I did. The 1990s had just arrived and the 49ers were trying to add another Super Bowl title behind greatest clutch quarterback of all time Joe Montana, but the dangerous John Elway and the Denver Broncos stood in the way.

Final score: San Francisco 55, Denver 10 (another yow of a beating).

This is still the most lopsided Super Bowl win ever, with Sunday’s Seattle trashing of Denver now the third most lopsided score (the Bears beat the Patriots 46-10 in Super Bowl XX). The mile-high city now has a designation that it definitely doesn’t want, the loser of two of the three worst routs in NFL championship game history.

Of course, the Broncos, and Elway, also have two Super Bowl titles to show, and there aren’t that many NFL cities with multiple championships, so, while there are the pains of the onslaughts, there’s always the claim of being a multiple Super Bowl champion to stand by.

With Seattle’s sparkling performance and being the second youngest team to win a Super Bowl – the 49ers now claim the third youngest – a few of ESPN broadcasters said the Seahawks are a dynasty and will dominate for the next seven (really, seven?) years and win a lot more titles.

We hear the dynasty word used way too often after a team has an incredible, dominating season, with Seattle’s defense supposedly leading the way to those extra Super Bowl crowns – but we’ve heard that before with the greatest-ever defenses of the Chicago Bears  and Baltimore Ravens winning those cities’ first Super Bowl titles (the Bears’ only one).

The dynasties never materialized, as many others didn’t either, because a lot can change in a year.

We’re the most fortunate football fans in the Bay Area to have had the 49ers dynasty produce five Super Bowl titles, and though it’s been two decades too long in the championship drought, San Francisco is back and in close reach of winning another one.

So next season, with Seattle trying to repeat its impressive title run, and the 49ers yearning to crack the Emerald City’s dream, there’s some fun, hard-hitting, big-play making and loud-talking action coming our way in 2014-15.