Editor, Index-Tribune:

Recently, I had occasion to have a prescription filled at a local pharmacy. I picked up the prescription and, as has been my habit for years, came home and counted the pills. As I was doing this, I noticed there were two sizes of pills – one size very small and the other noticeably larger.

I returned to the pharmacy to have a consultation with the pharmacist. He checked the contents and came back saying, “Yes, there definitely were two sizes,” and said he just did not know how that happened. He was very apologetic.

The prescription bottle was clearly marked 5MG (the dose prescribed for me) but the larger one was double the dose. He said he’d certainly check into the mistake.

Had I not checked the prescription, I could have easily taken the double dose, twice daily – it could have been fatal.

So, be sure you double-check your “meds” when picking up your prescriptions.

Olga Cleary