Editor, Index-Tribune:

Recently, I had a wonderful experience at the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center (SVCHC).

In November, I desperately needed to see a physician. I am relatively new to Sonoma and, since moving to the community, had not considered identifying a primary physician. Since I had previous experience with community health centers as a data analyst, I figured the best, last-minute option was SVCHC. I showed up at the health center without an appointment. Amazingly, I was able to see a physician within 30 minutes of my arrival. The prescription I needed was electronically sent to a local pharmacy, which meant the medication would be ready when I walked into the pharmacy.

But, what impressed me the most was the relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Each staff person was pleasant, kind and knowledgeable. Every staff person I met was genuinely happy and helpful. I was more than pleased with the service I received. I have good health insurance through my work, which allows me to visit many of the medical offices around the county. After my experience with SVCHC, I have found my primary physician’s office.

The health center takes walk-ins and scheduled appointments, different insurance plans, and there is plenty of seating in the two waiting rooms, one of which contains toys for children. With the opening of the new SVCHC building, I have no doubt my positive experience will continue.

If you are looking for plushy, comfy sofas with magazines to read while you wait for your scheduled appointment, the community health center is not for you. However, if professional, exceptional service takes priority, I would like to suggest the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center.

Cheryl Mariscal Hergert