Long walks with Doc, cats still need homes

Greetings Sonoma! I hope this finds everyone enjoying the summer-like weather. I know we all want the rain, but why not just get out and live in the beauty of the moment?

I have been going for long hikes with my dog, Doc, and savoring every minute. I knew I was hooked on this dog when we were in the middle of our cold snap in early December and I’d happily suit up in my arctic gear to take him for a walk.

Now I imagine when we do get the rain, I’ll do the same in my rain gear, but until then we are both happy to frolic in the sunshine.

I have been seeing more coyotes up in the hills and in the lowlands, which I understand could be a consequence of the drought. Doc and I are very cautious and observant when we are out in the hills. Please be vigilant with small dogs and cats. I keep my cats close and always indoors at night.

OK, one more story about Doc, and I promise I won’t write about him in every column. This is just so sweet. One morning last week, I was in a hurry when we went out for our morning constitutional. Doc was nosing around in the leaves and I went over to see what caught his attention when I saw a little sparrow with broken wings lying on the ground. He was barely alive and I thought that Doc was being a curious goofball and I called him away from the bird to see if I could help it. I turned back to see if he was following me and he was ever so gently nosing leaves on top of the little birdie to keep him warm and to camouflage him from predators.

I watched him for five minutes while he circled and delicately nosed the leaves in just the right position so his head was still exposed to breathe. It was one of the most touching things I’ve seen in a while.

When he felt he had done his duty, he came sauntering over to me for big hugs and tons of praise. What joy this dog is bringing to my life.

We have had some wonderful adoptions lately, one of which was Daisy of the spaniel sisters, Maggie and Daisy. They were the subject of our holiday mailer and we are so thrilled she has her forever home. We have very few dogs right now, but are expecting more in tomorrow. We still need to find a good home for our gal Bessie (Doc’s mom) and Maggie (Daisy’s sister). At the moment we also have Rita who is a sweet little chihuahua mix and Angelina, a precious 8-week-old toy chihuahua mix. Angelina was brought in to us by a good Samaritan who found her roaming the streets of El Verano. Such a tiny, little thing. We hope if there are more, they find their way to us. We will take good care of them and find them homes.

Our cat population is dwindling a bit since we started our New Year, $20.14 special. We have such wonderful feline friends here that need to be in a loving home. Please come meet them. There is Cosmo, Nala, Marshall, Butterfly, Kewpie, Miss Emily, Candace, Grasshopper, Ladybug and Hermana, our senior girl just to name a few.

One of my favorite features of the shelter is our community cat and kitten rooms. Even if you don’t go home with a cat, just sitting and socializing with them does wonders for them. If you’re looking for a cat, it’s a great way to see their personalities in a relaxed environment. So come down for a visit. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday for your convenience.

Until we meet again ... peace, love and paws.