Valley residents and businesses have one last chance to take advantage of the Girl Scout Christmas tree recycling program by leaving their tree at the curb by 9 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 11.

A donation (suggested amount is $10) can be left under the door mat. Checks should be made out to Girl Scouts. Funds will be used for the girls to take special trips.

Reservations are not necessary but to leave a message about locating a hard-to-find tree, call 205-1233 or the phone number printed on a delivered flyer. Additional information can also be found at

The tree must be free of tinsel and flocking, and the stand must be removed.

As another option, trees can be cut into pieces and put into the curbside yard waste container on the regular pick-up schedule. In addition, up to two Christmas trees per household can be dropped off at no charge at the dump transfer station on Stage Gulch Road. For details about whole tree pick-up go to