Editor, Index-Tribune:

This letter is addressed to Glenn Mollette’s Op-Ed, “Keep free speech in America.”

Our country has a history of punishing its public personalities with dismissal, suspension or censure for saying things, in their official capacity or in private, which might offend. Jack Parr, Howard Cosell, Don Imus and Paula Deen, to name a few, were fired from their jobs and/or stripped of lucrative endorsements for their comments about race or toilets.

The difference between these celebrities and Mr. Robertson (of “Duck Dynasty” fame) were gaffes, off-the-cuff comments, not planned “sermons.” For this man and his supporters to disguise his homophobia with the clock of religious belief and First Amendment rights is dishonest, if not despicable. It seems analogous to those who would allow gun violence to continue in this country based on the Second Amendment, which was added to the law of the land at a time when there was real danger from foreign nations and displaced Native Americans.

Bill D’Allaird