Editor, Index-Tribune:

One of the city attorney’s duties is verifying that what Ken Brown does is legal. He might take a look at Brown’s two jobs as a newspaper columnist and a radio personality. Isn’t it a law that journalists who run for public office must resign from their positions because their media forums give them an unfair advantage, or do we just believe it should be? In a recent Sun column, Brown announced his candidacy, once again, for City Council, and in his column of Jan. 2 he promised the voters he would be the best council member he can be, throwing into the mix his pious nature as one more selling point.

That is campaigning via his own media platform, a plum he must have received as a perquisite of office, as judged by his writing skills.

Likewise, it is hard to believe his radio airtime was earned by his scintillating personality. Brown’s ethics have been questionable before, but were entirely legal, we’ve been told. We must hope, then, that the former mayor will have another one of his epiphanies and resign from either the council or his media jobs, though it is hard to believe he could have one without the other.

Darryl Ponicsan