You probably spent the holidays visiting loved ones, eating rich food and watching football. But were you also polishing your new album, like Sarah Summers did?

“I was back in Sonoma for two weeks I think, finishing up stuff with the album that Sean and I were working on,” the young artist said recently. Of course she spent time visiting family and friends as well.

The “Sean” is Sean Carscadden, a local producer and arranger who, along with sound engineer Andy Saks, has been working with Summers to cut her debut album, “Lovely Little Things.”

Nearly a year in the making, the album is due out this spring – and Summers is looking to fans to help fund its mixing, mastering and printing, as well as a release concert to be held at Sebastiani Theatre in late March.

“The album has become a full-production storytelling of small-town life and the characters within it,” she writes on, a crowd-funding website where the musicians hope to raise enough to bankroll “Lovely Little Things.” Does anyone doubt that the model for that “small-town life and the characters within it” is Sonoma?

Summers, a locally raised wunderkind of many talents, is now a sophomore at UCLA, where she studies dance and continues to pursue a career in music. She sings – a lovely and lilting sound – plays guitar, banjo and other instruments, and has been working in the singer-songwriter vein since her early teens.

Today the 20-year-old – her birthday is Friday – has perfected her sound and collected a few of her songs. And “Lovely Little Things” is the receptacle.

“The rain still glistens in the dark,” she sings on “Bones,” one of the album’s 10 original tracks. “And it pounds like a thousand little hearts / And oh how it flows from the sky / Into the roses in the park.”

This might be considered a lovely little thing, this image, and Summers has several readied for her fans.

After less than a week on Indiegogo, the fundraising campaign already hit the $2,700 mark – well on its way to the stated goal of $5,500. To contribute to the campaign, which ends Feb. 1, visit

“Spring quarter is turning out to be busier than fall quarter for me here,” Summers said, speaking on the phone from Los Angeles. After all, there’s the upcoming Spring Sing to audition for, her college band to practice with, class to worry about, and an album to put out.

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