PLL hosts volunteer orientation on Jan. 18

Happy New Year Sonoma! It is going to be a glorious year, I just feel it in my bones. I know we need the rain, but the weather has been so fantastic for taking nice long walks with our dogs, hasn’t it?

I am starting dog class this week with my newly adopted dog, Doc. I am very excited about taking the class. I am completely OK with the knowledge that I am the one being trained and the dog is just there to support. The two sessions that started on Jan. 7 are completely booked, but sign up now for the next class starting Feb. 27 at Vintage House senior center. You will be amazed how it will enhance your relationship with your dog.

Speaking of 2014 being a glorious year, we are starting the New Year with a special through January of $20.14 for all cats over 4 months old. We have such sweet cats and kittens that have been in the shelter since the summer. They are mostly black and tuxedos … why are they always the last to get adopted? Shout out to my friend Laura Dee and Gary, who just adopted our “special girl” Dulcie. Congrats Laura and Gary and thanks for opening your heart to this little love bug.

We know the right home is out there for all these animals so come on down and meet the gang. Or go to our website to check out the who’s who in the shelter. Kitten season is just around the corner, so all the little lovies here in the shelter need to find their forever home.

We are keeping our Wednesday through Sunday hours indefinitely as it seems to really help those folks who can only make it down on weekends. For those who might not know, we are open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 5 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our community cat and kitten rooms are a great place to hang out with the kids on a lazy afternoon (not that there are too many of those anymore) and it’s great for our fabulous felines to get some human interaction as well.

Our dogs need socialization as well, but that requires a more comprehensive training. If you are interested in either becoming a canine handler or in fostering the dogs and puppies that come into the shelter, our next Volunteer Orientation will be at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 18. We would really love to build our canine foster network so we can help all those great dogs who come through our doors. This orientation is for all kinds of volunteering at the shelter, it’s not just for dog lovers. Please go to our website, petslifeline.org and click on the Volunteer tab to send an application online.

We have a sweet Lab mix named Bessie who has been at the shelter much too long. Poor thing, she is very stressed out here at the shelter. She is the mother of my dog Doc and just as sweet as can be with humans. She does, however have some dog/animal reactive issues.

If you are interested or can pass this on, the contact is info@petslifeline.org or 996-4577, ext. 101.