Sonoman Peter G. Meyerhof will talk about “The Leese-Walker Party, from Sonoma to Oregon in 1843,” at 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11, at the Depot Museum.

Meyerhof is a dentist with a passion for early California history. His research has taken him to libraries and archives across the country in search of primary sources, especially those that have not caught the eye of historians before. He has published several articles and talked on many topics of Sonoma history ranging from the Bear Flag Revolt to Gen. Joseph Hooker to California’s first printing press.

Recently, while researching another story, pieces of yet another puzzle began to fall into place.

And this is the basis of his next lecture.

This is the story of a little known overland voyage by a group of dissatisfied Americans (and one Californio) who left the Sonoma area three years before the Bear Flag Revolt driving an enormous herd of livestock hundreds of miles through the wilderness. It is part of a bigger story, the quest for land and profit, and it would affect the subsequent history of California in unanticipated ways.

Admission is free. For details, contact Sandi Hansen at 938-1762.

The Depot Museum is located at 270 First St. W., in Sonoma.