Sonoma Valley Darwin Awards 2013

First of two parts

Most people are at least loosely familiar with the name Charles Darwin, the naturalist who formulated the theory (or if you’re a member of some fundamentalist churches, the lie) of evolution.

Evolution holds that all life evolves from simpler and more primitive life forms, to more complex and sophisticated life forms, and that this process gives rise to a phenomenon called “the survival of the fittest.”

At one point on the evolutionary scale, the fittest were almost always those with the greatest physical strength or the best physical defenses. But over time the primacy of the brain overtook body strength and now humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder (although there is some evidence that we may soon burn that ladder and all perish in the ashes).

Within the human species there are branches of evolution, DNA trails if you will, that lead to dead ends, or over a cliff. And within the annals of the Sonoma Valley police reports there are incidents of human misbehavior that suggest those who performed them are, indeed, headed down an evolutionary dead end, or over a cliff.

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