The Sonoma Community Center and the Sonoma Valley Master Gardeners are partnering on their second annual lecture series on home garden care.

The lectures are free to the community and will be held the first Saturday of the month at the Sonoma Community Center.

Master Gardener Carlyss van Ness kick off the 2014 lectures with a talk titled “The Art of Hydrangeas” at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 11. Van Ness is bound to bring out the artist in you, as she shares her passion for hydrangeas. In this lecture, she will cover water saving techniques, fertilizing, pruning methods, hydrangea varieties, propagating and drying of blooms.

Master Gardener Electra de Peyster will present “The Basics of Seed Saving” at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. De Peyster will enlighten attendees on why and how to save seeds in the home garden. She will also discuss pollination, plant families, population sizes, isolation distances, storage and how long one can expect seeds to last.

The series will conclude with a lecture on “The Wonderful World of Vines” by Master Gardener Ann Chambers at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 8. Chambers will share the best in ornamental, living, outdoor art. She will cover the best varieties of fruit-producing and ornamental vines for Sonoma County, including grape, berries, beans and peas. She will also bring insight on how to grow and train vines on a trellis, arbor or other structure.

This annual series is offered in conjunction with the Center for Sustainable Living at the Sonoma Community Center, which provides environmental education, conservation, and partnerships to promote sustainable communities in

Sonoma Valley.

The Sonoma Community Center is located at 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma. For more information about the garden lecture series, call SCC’s registrar at 938-4626, ext. 1.

The Sonoma Community Center enriches the lives of the people of Sonoma Valley by fostering a broad range of cultural, educational, and community services, and by the preservation and restoration of its historic building.