Editor, Index-Tribune:

Mr. Mollette’s views as expressed in his Dec. 31 Other Voices piece, “Keep free speech in America,” are on the wrong track.

The First Amendment is about limiting the power of government to control or censure speech, not the workplace.  Mr. Robertson’s “Duck Dynasty” employer was unhappy about his expressed views and suspended him.

This decision was not about free speech.  The First Amendment prohibits government, not the A&E television network, from such action.  Mr. Mollette states that while Mr. Robertson is employed by the network  “… that should not prohibit him from stating his opinion.”

“Should” is the operative word here - I “should” be rich does not make it a requirement. More importantly, it is a time long overdue that Americans take another look at responsibility and the effects of their behavior instead of focusing on their rights alone.

Just because a gun owner has the freedom to take his gun for show-and-tell to Starbucks, should he?  Does that reflect a sense of responsibility to the people in Starbucks and the people in that community? Just because Mr. Robertson has the freedom to spew hate speech, does that reflect responsibility and consideration in our communities where people are hurt by such talk?

The U.S. has become very selfish and obsessed with rights at the expense of responsibility.  This “should” not be.

Ernie Guomas

Agua Caliente