Concussions most pertinent story of this, or any, year

This column is about what I feel is the real sports story of the year and, if you know my optimistic and positive approach to writing, and living, I’m sorry it’s not an upbeat, inspirational piece, but its importance can’t be overstressed. Also, I’ve waited a long while before addressing it because it strikes a personal note.

While the question of steroids in sports continues to be a hot and sensitive topic that will continue to persist as a by-product of serious, high-level competition, it will always have to be monitored because every time one “extra edge” component for achieving success is regulated, another one is discovered.

It’s all part of the competitive world of sports, or life in general – to obtain the passion and drive to be a winner using by any means necessary, often spurring the need of a substance to accomplish the addictive task of winning, or, from a professional point of view, making money and increasing income, which is the American way.

This brings us to the root of my column, “concussions and the consequences,” which is truly the most pertinent story of this year, or any year.

Of course injuries are part of life, and the more physical the endeavor, the more the risk of injury, putting the world of sports in the spotlight for assorted injured body parts. But when the injury is a concussion, then we’re dealing with both the body and the mind.

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