Editor’s note: When Sonoma residents Betty Ann Bruno (she of Hula Mai fame) and Craig Scheiner began planning their annual Christmas card, an earlier visitation of uninvited raccoons came to mind. The card circulated, Index-Tribune contributor Carole Kelleher encountered it, and came up with the following poem:

‘Twas Raccoons Before Christmas

Just before Christmas Betty Ann Bruno rose from her bed,

While memories of raccoons danced in her head.

She thought, “What a wonderful card those cute critters would be,”

And wrote a poem for their family and friends to see.

Her husband Craig Scheiner placed his photos with care,

In hopes that this greeting would show raccoons had been there.


When what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But a raccoon Christmas card, so charming and dear.

So off to the post office with the photos they flew,

A card full of love for me and for you.

And though those raccoons are now out of sight,

They say “Merry Christmas to all, have a wonderful night!”