Editor, Index-Tribune:

This is directed to the board of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District:

I am the person who wrote you a letter, after two election defeats, and told you that if you would tell us how much money you needed to refurbish and retrofit the hospital, those of us who have been voting no would support you. You got your election and won. I didn’t even get a reply.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I read the description of your luxurious birthing center. Now just shortly after dedicating the new hospital, you are closing the birthing center because it is too expensive to operate. It is unsatisfactory and unthinkable that this modern hospital would not be providing obstetrical services.

You should see what is necessary to convert the birthing center into an old fashioned maternity ward. Maternity wards are very efficient. The patient checks in and is placed in a room near the delivery room. The patient is examined to determine approximately when delivery will occur. If labor is expected to be of short duration, husbands and family are told to wait in the waiting room. If labor is expected to be protracted, and it usually is, husbands and family are told to go home and wait. I was never at the hospital when my children were born and I didn’t see my wife from the time she checked in, until after the babies were born. It worked 60 years ago, maybe it is time to try it again.

Charles Avery