Editor, Index-Tribune:

In response to the letter from Will Shonbrun (Index-Tribune Dec. 10, “$15 is a real living wage,”) I would ask, Will, can you define what makes up the living wage of $15 you demand? Does it include any costs of benefits?

Who determined $15 is a living wage in Sonoma? Should it apply to kids under 18 who are working part time in the summer or weekends?

I question the validity of a $15 living wage being applicable in every town and every industrialized country, which you imply to be the case.

When will you progressive liberals learn that every time you initiate a social engineering program it turns into a money hole? Examples are the food stamp program, Medicare and Social Security.? Your last word, “Now,” is dictatorial, inflammatory and demeans what you are trying to achieve.? Let’s face it Will, your ideas are Marxist and you live in a capitalist country. Marxism hasn’t worked anywhere, yet it continues to be touted as the answer to equality.? That’s BS and you are intelligent enough to know it.

Robert Piazza