Editor, Index-Tribune:

People who tout $10 to $11 an hour as a living wage do not have labor’s interest at heart. Fifteen dollars an hour is a living wage in today’s world, as it is in Sonoma and as it’s recognized in Australia. Ten to eleven bucks an hour is a minimum wage, as that amount and better is the standard in other industrialized countries.

Considering the basics of the costs of living, no ethical employer should pay less than $15 an hour, full or part time, and don’t give us that jazz about tipped workers. Why should someone else subsidize a business’ owner? Considering the chasm between what corporate CEOs make and what they pay in wages, it’s a sin to pay anyone less than a real living wage. The Sonoma Chamber of Commerce, the Valley vintners and growers, the hotel industry, the fast-food franchises and all our local employers should get behind paying a living wage. Now.

Even Scrooge learned this.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Hot Springs