Editor, Index-Tribune:

Here’s an alternate take on the (Drakes Bay) oyster situation: The American Revolution enshrined the merchant class over the aristocracy. Freedom of contract is the business class’s highest value.

The oyster guy’s contract ran out and was not renewed. The oyster guy and his supporters then feel this isn’t fair and want to break the rules of their own sacred game. Aside from all the other hot air, this is basically what is happening out there. There couldn’t be a higher order of hypocrisy. If McDonnell Douglas doesn’t get the new fighter contract, do they go to the Supreme Court to force it? No. This just doesn’t fly.

Whether one likes oysters or not, supports local ag, individual rights, labor rights, wilderness or whatever, is immaterial. No one has the right to force a contract on an unwilling party. If this becomes precedent, then I’ll use it to force my CDs to earn a higher interest rate.

Fred Allebach