The Sonoma County Water Agency’s Zone 3A Flood Advisory Committee will meet today, Tuesday, Dec. 10, to discuss its stream maintenance program, current projects including conservation and flood control, and hear comments from agency staff and members of the public.

The water agency, which is based in Santa Rosa, was created in 1949 as a special district by the state legislature to provide flood protection and water supply services. In 1995, the water agency was tasked with additional responsibilities of water sanitation and wastewater disposal. In 1958, as delineated in the original legislation, nine geographical zones were formed as a means of financing the construction and maintenance of flood protection projects in the county. Each of the nine zones covers a major watershed. Zone 3A is defined as the Valley of the Moon Watershed, which encompasses upper Sonoma Creek.

Currently, the water agency and its partners are working on a five-year review to revisit and revise agency strategies to better manage water and create more effective systems. The goal of this annual meeting is for committee members to hear and advise on current flood control issues in the Sonoma Creek Watershed.

In addition to a discussion of current projects and issues affecting the water supply, committee members will also review a budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year. As part of its budget review, the committee will also discuss funding for new water agency projects.

The Zone 3A Flood Advisory Committee will meet in the board room at the Valley of the Moon Water District, 19039 Bay Street in El Verano, at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 10.For more information on the water agency, go to