Editor, Index-Tribune:

As I walked into town this morning, I was happy I did not take the bus. I had my handy recycle bag with me.

I started to pick up trash along Highway 12, West Spain Street and West Napa Street, picking up so much along the way that I was sick to my stomach, my own blood mixed with the containers of coffee and soda and plastic, metals and garbage.

I started to cry and a voice said loudly, “Don’t Mary Palmer, you love your environment.”

Too much to stop. I was so sick of cigarette butts and packages I couldn’t get them all. I lifted my head as I walked to your office and sat down to write this letter to you, the citizens of Sonoma, the USA and our planet earth.

Do we love it and all of the creatures that God gave to us, or not?

A proud citizen of our planet earth.

Mary Palmer