Editor, Index-Tribune:

We would like to thank those who came together as a community and made their voices heard by participating in last Tuesday’s election for Measure B, the Hotel Limitation Measure. The voter turnout demonstrated the high level of civic involvement in our community and reflects our mutual interest in planning the best future for Sonoma. We do not view the defeat of Measure B as a mandate in favor of our proposed hotel project. Instead, we believe the vote simply allows for the continued review of our proposal, utilizing the process in place that allows the public to provide further comment on what they feel is right for our town.

As we debated the Hotel Limitation Measure, it was apparent that the citizens on both sides of the issue shared a passion for Sonoma and want to make sure that its small town character is protected. We share this concern. Our goal is to develop a small boutique hotel that adds to the community and fits Sonoma’s historic character. We are committed to creating a quality project that the community can be proud of.

In the coming months, we will continue to meet with the community to review ways to improve our proposal. We would especially value the input from those who sponsored the ballot measure and will reach out to them to review design alternatives. We continue to be open to making changes, including presenting a smaller project than our original plans. You have our commitment that we will be responsive to the concerns of the community.

Thank you for your participation in the process. We look forward to working with you on protecting and preserving the small town character of Sonoma.

Darius Anderson