High winds blasting up and down West Napa Street blew in a large plate glass window in the front of Meritage restaurant around 7:15 p.m. Thursday night, dropping sheets of heavy glass onto the heads of two patrons having drinks.

The man and woman, who identified themselves only as Justin and Martina, were not seriously injured and were tended to quickly by medics from the nearby Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue station on Second Street West.

One patron, who was seated at the bar watching a Clippers-Oklahoma City NBA game on TV, shrugged at the wind whipping into the building, said, “It’s no big deal,” and continued sipping his drink.

Justin and Martina received first aid for cuts on their fingers but weren’t expected to be hospitalized.

Winds racing through the canyon of two- and three-story buildings on West Napa Street, just off the Plaza, appeared to be blowing in excess of 50 miles per hour.

Fire crews were being sent all over the Valley for reports of downed power lines and fallen trees. There was a report of a tree into a house on Riverside Drive.

Power was out in parts of the Springs due to power lines down on Lake Street and Agua Caliente Road.