Editor, Index-Tribune:

The owners of Top That Yogurt on Broadway acted impulsively and painted their door jam pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. Before the paint could dry, the City of Sonoma Building Inspector had issued a letter of desist, stating that the store needed to submit a request to the Design Review Commission or the Planning Commission, with a non-refundable, $186 check.

I know what the City of Sonoma’s reply will be: “If we let one business do it, than all businesses will want to do it.”

If they want to promote breast cancer awareness by painting their door jams pink, then I say, “Paint the whole damn town pink!”

But, I digress. Shouldn’t you fair citizens of Sonoma look into the amount of people you are employing and paying with your taxes? I am sure that there are not enough business permits being issued and inspections taking place that we have an abundance of time in which to fine door jam painters. Are they that overstaffed and underworked that they can find so-called abuses instantly? Don’t you wish all of government were that efficient?

Top That Yogurt – I guess what is good for the NFL to recognize, is not so good for the City of Sonoma to recognize. Good work.

Jack Powers


(Editor’s note: Following a Tuesday discussion by the Design Review Commission, the yogurt shop was allowed to keep its pink doorway.)